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November 28, 2019


Mick started with a simple goal. To develop a shaving soap to add to Mick's line of grooming products.

To Mick, the ideal shaving soap needed to have exceptional slickness and a great post-shave feel. Mick wasn't interested in large amounts of fluffy lather - looking like Santa doesn't do anything to improve protection or cushion. Mick was after a shaving soap that could produce a dense lather that held a tremendous amount of water without breaking. It is called "wet shaving" after all. 

That was 18 months ago.

During that time, Mick tested formulation after formulation. Adjustments were made in ingredients, some added and others discarded. Ratios were tweaked. When he thought he was finally on to something, Mick recruited testers from the wet shaving community for feedback. The formulation was further refined time and time again with the testers.

In all, Mick tested over 70 variations on the shaving soap formulation and various manufacturing techniques.

This is the first PROPER SHAVE product being released by Mick's Grooming Products and we call the base "Tullamore".

Tullamore isn't an average shaving soap. While Tullamore is a goat's milk/tallow based shaving soap, it includes 30 ingredients. Some of these are normal oils and butters found in soaps, but other ingredients are pulled from the cosmetic industry for their humectant and lubricating properties. Each of these 30 ingredients was selected for a specific purpose.

PROPER SHAVE TULLAMORE is being released in a number of fragrances, including the "Mick's Core Scents" shared with the PROPER HAIR styling products.

At Mick's, we could not be more excited about releasing PROPER SHAVE TULLAMORE and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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