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Why are we doing this?

November 27, 2019

Why are we doing this?

Mick's Grooming Products started as a simple idea that quickly got out of hand.

The idea was to make a shaving soap that performed great, had a pleasing scent, and left the skin feeling good afterwards. It seemed simple.

While researching ingredients, specifically things like humectants and emulsifiers, Mick had another idea. What if a pomade had the same scent as the soap?

When early batches of shaving soap started getting better, the idea of selling the shaving soap crept into Mick's thoughts. Some testers were recruited and the initial feedback was very positive. At this point, the concept of Mick's Grooming Products was born.

Product ideas expanded. The pomade grew into the PROPER HAIR products with an oil based pomade, styling cream and texturizing clay. Additional styling products are in development and testing.

We never lost focus in the initial shaving soap. After more testing and refinement, our first shaving soap base is being released. Other soap base formulas are in the works as well. Additionally, the PROPER SHAVE product line will include some aftershave products.

We started as a quest to make shaving soap turned into a full on business.

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November 28, 2019

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