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Cillian - The Vibe


At Mick's, we believe that one of the allures of wet shaving, whether with a double edge or a straight razor, is that nostalgic  feeling that comes with it. 

It's childhood memories of going to the barbershop with our dads. Sitting in the chairs amongst the older men, listening to the stories. Almost like being in a special club just for us guys. It felt like a right of passage when we no longer needed the booster pads to get a PROPER haircut. Many of us can still recall the first time the barber slapped some hot shaving cream on us for our "shave" - sure we didn't have whiskers and they didn't actually use the blade, but we still felt like men.

The was something special about barbershops back in those days. The smell of talcum powder, Pinaud Clubman, citrus, Barbacide, musk, and even the Sports section of the morning paper permeated the air. The experience and the aromas gave the old school barbershop a certain "vibe" all their own.

One of the main triggers to recalling memories is smell. A simple whiff of a scent can bring back floods of memories we long thought were lost forever. 

And that's the point of Cillian.

Pronounced "KILL-ee-un", it's a scent that is meant to be the trigger. To recall the "vibe" of the barbershop from days gone by. Cillian is a fresh, clean manly scent with Bergamot, Basil, Oakmoss and White Patchouli.