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Conor - Cigar Bar Heaven

There is an historic hotel in downtown Denver with a long and storied past. Presidents have stayed there. The Grand Champion stays in the lobby each year. But for the PROPER GENTLEMAN, the hotel is renowned for its classic cigar bar.  

The bar's signature cocktail is an amazing concoction featuring bourbon. It really is a PROPER cocktail. 

To pay homage to this place of heaven in the middle of Denver, we only thought it PROPER to include a fragrance that reminded us of countless evenings spent enjoying being a PROPER GENTLEMAN.

Conor, pronounced "CUN-ur", is a complex, sophisticated, deep fragrance. The combination of tobacco leaf and oak-aged bourbon makes for a slightly sweet, yet spicy and warm scent. Conor also features cedarwood in the base.

Like that famous cigar bar, Conor won't disappoint.