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  • PROPER SHAVE TULLAMORE is a tallow base shaving soap. Along with beef tallow, TULLAMORE consists of Aloe Vera Juice, Goats Milk, and premium specialty butters and oils. This allows TULLAMORE to produce a creamy, dense, buttery lather that loves water.

    TULLAMORE also features cosmetic-grade ingredients to add tremendous slickness, protection, and a proper post-shave experience.

    PROPER SHAVE TULLAMORE will leave your face looking proper.

    Scent: Liam - "The Natural"
    Liam ("LEE-um") is unscented. Perfect for those with sensitivity to fragrances or who doesn't want to smell anything.
    As our products are made with oils, butters, waxes, clays, and cosmetic-grade ingredients, some natural aromas will be present and vary with the product.

    Formula: TULLAMORE Tallow

    Size: Net Wt 5 oz (141g)