Mick's Grooming started with a simple idea that quickly got out of hand.

The idea was to make the best premium shaving soap on the market.  A proper shaving soap with great performance, a pleasing scent, and one that left skin feeling moisturized and nourished. It seemed simple.

Years of research, experimentation and solicited testers lead to today's line of PROPER SHAVE products. Premium products with exceptional performance that are one of a kind. 

For the fellow chemistry enthusiasts like Mick, PROPER SHAVE is a tallow-based shaving soap with nearly 30 premium ingredients. Some are specialty oils and butters commonly found in soaps, while other ingredients are pulled from the cosmetic industry for their humectant and lubricating properties. Each ingredient was selected for a specific purpose.

Mick might have been done here, except this is Mick we're talking about.  What if the same concept could be applied to hair products?

After much research and experimentation Mick's PROPER HAIR line was born.  A line of products with premium ingredients and extraordinary performance.  

Mick's PROPER HAIR line includes a throwback oil-based pomade, a water-based styling cream, a styling gel, and a one-of-a-kind texturizing clay.

Mick's passion for premium products isn't done.  Be on the look out for limited release scents and be ready to grab them as they quickly sell out.


The Mick's Grooming Family