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  • Perfect for those who love waxy pomades but do not like the trouble of washing them out. PROPER STYLE Styling Cream is water based, so both application and washout are easy. You can still achieve some build up to make consecutive days styling easier by simply washing with only conditioner or rinsing with just water.

    PROPER STYLE Styling Cream scoops out of the jar easily and applies effortlessly to the hair feeling slightly wet. The oils and Vitamin E will keep your hair healthy and looking proper.

    Hold: Medium
    Shine: Natural

    Scent: Liam - "The Natural"
    Liam ("LEE-um") is unscented. Perfect for those with sensitivity to fragrances or who doesn't want to smell anything.
    As our products are made with oils, butters, waxes, clays, and cosmetic-grade ingredients, some natural aromas will be present and vary with the product.

    Size: Net Wt 4 oz (113g)